Hair RePear Ultimate Hair Towel for Long Hair 21″x44″


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The Hair RePear towel’s completely smooth surface is unlike Terry Cloth and Microfiber. Loops, Ridges and bumps found on terry cloth and microfiber cause friction. Friction is Enemy #1 to your hair causing dreaded Frizzy hair, Breaks, and Flyaways

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Hair RePear Ultimate Hair Towel Promotes Healthy Hair Without Causing Damage or Frizz-Absorbent 100% Premium Cotton-Wrap, Plop or Scrunch Straight, Wavy or Curly Hair 21″ x 44″

Many hair conscious women will actually use a t-shirt to wrap, plop or scrunch their hair. They do this because they know the benefits of these hair drying methods and they know not to use a terry cloth or microfiber towel due to the damage these towels can cause to their hair. The Hair RePear’s large size and Premium 100% Combed Cotton Interlock fabric make it not only a better choice over TerryCloth and Microfiber, but over a t-shirt as well.

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