The concept for Hair RePear the Ultimate Hair Towel started the summer of 2014.  I was at my limit with hair frustrations.  Frizz, breakage, flyaways and limp curl pattern. My hair was lifeless and just looked worse over time no matter how much I spent on products.  Believe me, I spent way too much and was getting nowhere.  So one day, I sat down and started googling how to stop frizz, breaks and flyaways.

What I found was a lot of people stopped using their terry cloth and microfiber hair towels and were using a t-shirt to dry their hair. It sounded crazy, but I gave it a try and it actually worked!  I saw immediate improvement.  Apparently, the terry cloth and microfiber loops, bumps and ridges cause friction and snag hair causing a lot of the crazy hair days I was experiencing.  T-shirt fabric is smooth and does not damage the hair.

However, I had a few problems with using the t-shirt.  It was awkward to use, not very absorbent, looked funny and kept falling off.  I thought I would just buy a t-shirt hair towel and my problem would be solved.  Nope!  There was nothing like that anywhere!  At least not what I was looking for.  I wanted a high quality hair towel that would stay put while I got ready, have a smooth soft surface and large enough that I could use it different ways.

That is what lead me to making my own Ultimate Hair Towel and eventually the creation of my company Hair RePear.

My husband and I started searching for the best fabric.  We wanted a lightweight, high quality, smooth, absorbent fabric that allows hair to hold on to its natural shine and vitality.  We searched for quite a while until we found, right here in the USA, the perfect fabric made from premium 100% combed cotton interlock.  We spent a lot of time cutting and sewing to make the perfect size and shape and we added an elastic band to tuck the towel in so that it stays put.  It is truly the Ultimate Hair Towel.   

In 2015 I gave up a successful teaching career to focus solely on my business, Hair RePear. In 2016 my husband and I had the privilege of meeting Kevin Harrington, one of the original Shark’s from Shark Tank and filming a commercial. The Ultimate Hair Towel is the 2016 Editor’s Choice award winner from, one of the top selling hair towels on Amazon and is Amazon’s Choice for Cotton Hair Towels and T-Shirt Hair Towels . The Ultimate Hair Towel is just getting started and we believe it is only a matter of time before all hair conscious women will own one…or more!