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How to Scrunch with gel for frizz-free waves

While not curly, wavy hair is definitely not quite straight. One of the major challenges that having wavy hair can present is frizz. An easy way to tame this monster is by styling your hair with gel. Frizz makes the hair look dry, dull, and can also cause hair to look un-styled. Even when going for the effortless look, it is important for hair to look great; we all know that looking effortless is rarely achieved without effort.

Here’s a quick and simple way of letting your natural waves shine through with a hair gel.



Hair Repear T-Shirt Hair Towel Review


In this article I will give you my review of the hair repear hair towel by Hair Repear.

In this previous article we talked about why you shouldn’t towel dry your hair and if you do the best ways to go about it to avoid damaging your hair.

Something I mentioned in that article was to use the hair repear towel so I decided to give a more in depth review on it in this post.

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Should You Dry Your Hair With a Towel


Something that I got to putting much more thought into after I grew my hair out was is there any pros or cons to using a towel as the main way to dry my hair.

This led me to doing some more research on this topic.

Which led me to reaching out to one of my sisters who is big into hair even more than your typical girl, which already know more than I did at this point in my life.

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